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Fear. Anxiety. Depression. Suicide. Gender Dysphoria. Racism. Insecurity. Hate. 

In a world full of political upheaval, economic threats, drug addiction, racial injustice, mass shootings, climate catastrophes, mental health crises, and deadly viruses it can be hard to flourish as a human being. 

We invite you to journey with us as we learn what it means to truly flourish together in Jesus Christ, the One Who shows us what it means to live a truly flourishing life as a human being. Read more.

What is SCC?

What is Sonoran Community Church?

Sonoran Community Church is a new church in Casa Grande, AZ  with an emphasis on discipleship groups. Get involved now in this exciting new work of God in Casa Grande!


The essence of SCC is found in what we call The Core. These are the things that we value as a community and guide our pursuit of authentic faith in Jesus Christ.

Do you wish your spiritual life was more grounded and real?

Then Get Ready to Flourish with Us!

Friends in Nature
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