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Your Longing for New Creation

Have you ever stopped to wonder why you feel the longing to fix the broken things in the world? Have you ever wondered why you don’t just accept the status quo of pain and suffering and long for better medicines and cures? Have you ever wondered why you don’t like hatefulness or mistreatment?

I have.

I have spent a lot of time talking with people in the US that are on both sides of the political and religious spectrums. I hear from every side that the world is broken in some way and that we are all somehow called to help fix it. Now, we all disagree on how we fix it. We might disagree on whether socialism or capitalism will help it or if higher or lower taxes will help it. We disagree on if military might or non-profit aid will help. We disagree on what approach to ethics will help alleviate or help. But no matter your view, there is kernel of desire that we all share to do something that fixes things.


If you’re simply the result of a process of chemical reactions over long periods of time or the result of raw natural processes doing their thing, why do you feel that longing? Why don’t you just feel a long to survive, to just simply live? Why do you feel that need to not only alleviate your own pain but the pain of others? Why don’t you live like the animals who just accept death and suffering and pain as existence?

Because that longing that you feel for better things is a longing created as part of the fabric of your very being. Because that longing you feel in the depth of your soul for an end to racism and hate, for a better planet, for the end of cancer, for end of hurt, is a longing that the Creator of existence itself sewed into the linings of your genes and DNA for communion with Him in a perfect world.

You see, the world you live in is not the world of God’s intent. The Bible tells us in Genesis that the original intent of His creation was for us and Him to dwell together in harmony in a world of painlessness and apart from suffering. But because Adam and Eve exercised their free will and disobeyed God, a sin curse fell on all things and corrupted every part of creation. Sin crept like a fungus into our bodies and minds, into the soil and the air we breathe. But because we are the Creator’s prize creation, we reflect His image and we reflect His desires and His longings. We have in us the remnants of the Garden in our souls. We share with God a desire to fix the brokenness in the world and for it to return to the harmony and peace that it was before sin.

But because you and I are corrupted by sin, the direction of our desires and knowledge of how to fix the broken stuff is clouded with the fungus of sin. Because of this we mess up all the time, even when trying to do good we mess things up. But God, the Uncorrupted One knows what to do. His plan is to redeem all of Creation and the last few chapters of Revelation tell us that He intends to renew and redeem His creation and fix all the broken stuff by bringing heaven to earth to dwell with us again like He did in the Garden.

This is why He sent His Son, Jesus. Jesus, the One Who is the Son of God, the only begotten of the Father. The One Who shows us what it means to a fully human life that is flourishing in communion with the Father. He is the One Who God sent to defeat evil and death and break the hold that sin has on His creation. Through His birth, life, death, and resurrection evil has been defeated and God has set His great Rescue Plan for His creation into motion. Whenever we turn from our selves and the idols we worship and repent of our sins and we give our allegiance to Jesus as our King and we find our hope in Him as our Rescuer, we are actively becoming a participant in God’s Rescue Plan for His Creation. Through Jesus we become part of God’s plan to fix the brokenness of creation. Through Jesus we participate in a real way to fix the suffering and pain and hurt we see around us every day.

The longing we feel is not satisfied with activism or with political victory or even with relieving every day suffering. The longing we feel is only truly satisfied in Jesus Christ. In Him we have real hope that someday all sin will be gone, Creation will be renewed and redeemed, suffering and pain and death will be no more, and we will dwell in harmony with God and with each other in the New Creation.

The longing you feel is a New Creation longing placed into you by God Himself. It is a holy, good, and righteous longing. Will you take that step toward joining with God in becoming part of His rescue plan for Creation? The Christian story is not just a fun way to make sense of life, it’s so much more. The Christian Way of Jesus is deeper, richer, more intellectually and emotionally and spiritually fulfilling than anything you could spend your whole life trying to grasp. Join in the work of New Creation today and follow Jesus. He is the Way that offers true hope to fix the brokenness of the world.

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